Offering Full Support

The path towards priesthood is exciting but it can be both long and lonely.  It is vitally important that every person considering ordination in the Church should have adequate support mechanisms that will enable them to walk that path with confidence.  It almost goes without saying that your parish priest and family should be your primary support mechanism.  Both of whom will be not only involved in the process of selection, but expected to write in support of your vocation.  Having said that the above are your primary support they certainly should not be your only.  We would encourage all candidates to think about finding

A spiritual director

This can be lay or ordained, but a person who will both challenge your spiritual growth and enable you to continue to grow in awareness of God.  A spiritual director should be a person that you trust, that you find a natural rapport with they should be the sort of person that will both challenge you in your spiritual life and also encourage those positive elements that are already there.  It may well be that your parish priest can suggest a spiritual adviser, you may well know somebody yourself that you wish to approach.  Here I Am can also make suggestions.


It is usually good practice to split the role of Advisor and Confessor, although some if using a priest as spiritual advisor will amalgamate the two but without any doubt as a Catholic Anglican anyone considering priesthood should also be a regular penitent themselves.

Vocations Advisor

The Here I Am team have a number of Regional Advisors who are all committed to assisting Catholic Anglicans in the process of selection and training in the Church of England.  Please make contact with us or specifically with the General Secretary of the Additional Curates Society, Father Darren Smith, who can be contacted on or 0121 382 5533.  The most important thing to remember you are not alone, we are in this together.


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