My ordination is now 13 days away....

Last Friday I met with the Bishop and we had a wonderful chat about what it means to be a Deacon, and also what my hopes and fears were about life as an ordained minister.

My biggest fear is that once I am wearing a clerical collar, everyone will expect me to have the answers to all of life's questions.  We talked about the fact that we are totally reliant on God in our ministry to sustain us and give us the words we need. It seems appropriate that I have been sent this prayer from Michael Ramsay recently:

Lord, take my heart and break it: break it not in the way I would like, but in the way you know best.  And because it is you who break it, I will not be afraid, for in your hands all is safe and I am safe.  Lord, take my heart and give it your joy, not in the ways I would like, but in the ways you know best, that your joy may be fulfilled in me.  So, dear lord I am ready to be your deacon. Amen



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