Three weeks and counting….

College finished a couple of weeks ago, and all essays have been handed in (much to my relief), it is now a time of waiting and praying.  It feels like I am in a limbo, or waiting in the departure lounge at the airport.   There continues to be a real mix of emotions, still feeling excited and nervous, but I am also starting to feel impatient as I wait for the day to arrive.

This week I have got my interview with the Bishop, after all, it is his decision to ordain me.  I am looking forward to meeting him, and praying with him and hearing what words he might have to say to me.

At the moment, I am feeling overwhelmed by the messages of support I am getting and the assurances of prayers.  Talking to people who have already been ordained, they assure me that all the emotions and feelings I am having are perfectly normal, even though they don’t always feel like it.  It is wonderful and humbling to have the support of so many people.

I will post again on the other side of my meeting with the Bishop.

Best wishes



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