Countdown to ordination

It is now a month until my ordination as a Deacon.  People told me that this year would go quickly and it certainly has!

How do I feel?  A real mixture of things: excited, nervous, apprehensive, impatient, unworthy.  I keep expecting someone to tell me that they have made a mistake and that is it not me after all.

The past couple of weeks have been quite momentous.  I have had my final report from college signed off, my ember cards (prayer cards for those who are being ordained) have been delivered and my cassock, albs and other bits and pieces have started to arrive.  Is this really happening I ask myself; is it really my name on those ember cards?  Yes, it is.  

The journey of discernment of a vocation can often be a long road, with many twists and turns.  There are a few steep hills to climb along the way too.  For some, ordination may seem like the finishing line, but it is another checkpoint on the road of discovering who and what God wants us to be.  Yes, it is a significant milestone, but we continue to be formed and shaped in the image of Jesus; and that process, whatever our vocation, never ends.

So, what is left to do over the coming weeks?  I have got one essay left to write, tickets for the ordination need to be sent out, then there is the rehearsal and the ordination retreat.  But amongst all of the busyness, I must pray.  I would ask for your prayers too, for me, and for all those who will be ordained this Petertide.


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