An initiative which encourages vocations to the priesthood across the Anglican Catholic traditionalist parishes of the Church of England has been updated as the ordination season approaches.

Here I Am ( works closely with the mainstream national Church of England vocations team ( ) encouraging candidates to come forward for the priesthood.

“We launched Here I Am almost three years ago now and we felt it was time, with a whole raft of ordinations coming up in June and July across the dioceses of the Church of England, to give our website and material a fresh look,” said Father Darren Smith, who co-ordinates the campaign.

The website has been refreshed, the logo and artwork updated and updated publicity materials have been produced.

In addition, a new series of videos has been directed featuring three recently ordained priests in which they explain their own vocational pathway and route to ordination.”

In the first video, launched yesterday, Father Edward Morrison, Curate of Cantley, in the Diocese of Sheffield, explains how God called him to the priesthood.

He explains how his work as an Officer Cadet in the Roy Navy played a big part: “ For a long time I thought that I was the sort of person that couldn’t be a priest but my experience in the Navy as an officer cadet showed me that God seemed to be blessing the work that I was doing and gave me a lot of encouragement.”

He adds: “If you have a vocation to the priesthood I strongly recommend that you speak to a priest about it.”


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