Every year the Catholic Societies organise both a residential conference and a day course and you will find details of both of these events on this site.  The Residential Conference takes place on a Friday through to Sunday and the venue can vary, but has usually been at Saint Stephens House Oxford, or Mirfield Theological College West Yorkshire.  

The purpose of the residential conference is first of all to bring people out of their ordinary lives and to give them a flavour of life in a Theological College.  Immersed in corporate prayer we usually look together at the life of a priest, the process of selection, the individual criteria and matters of spirituality.  

This conference is heavily subsidised by the Catholic Societies but a small contribution is expected from all participants.  Our emphasis is not only to inform and support but also to give candidates a feeling of fun and fellowship.

Towards the end of the year a day conference is always organised usually in London.  This is primarily for those on the journey rather than first enquirers.  We endeavour to look at the individual selection criteria in the hope that it will assist those involved in the process to prepare for selection.



Dear Here I Am Vocation,

I’d like to thank everyone involved in organising such a successful Vocations Day on Saturday.

I found it particularly valuable to be able to draw on the advice of those with an up-to-date understanding of what interviewers at a BAP will be looking for – so I’m particularly grateful that Hilary Ison, Bishop Norman and Bishop Jonathan gave up their time to be with us. Although I personally found some of what they had to say quite sobering (daunting in fact), such an informative and enjoyable session will, I’m sure, help many of us on the path of discernment.

That can be quite a solitary journey, so it’s also valuable to have an opportunity to meet others in the same situation and share experiences.


Best wishes



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