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We need priests!

The Church of England has set itself a target of increasing by 50% vocations to the priesthood before 2020. An ambitious goal but one that it certainly needs to meet in order to maintain the status quo due to clergy retirement. It is important that we all recognise that there is no set formula when it comes to priesthood, for God calls different people with different abilities and at different times in their life, from the springtime to the autumn. And yes, God might be calling you. At ‘Here I Am’, we see our role in terms of nurturing, and supporting individuals like you who are struggling with the possibility that God may be calling them. You might feel unworthy, frightened, daunted; these are neither unusual nor unique feelings. In calling his first Apostles these same feelings were shared. Scriptures tell us that those He calls, He equips and it is my sincere belief that this vocations initiative is God’s work, not ours, for he has entrusted this special charism to the Additional Curates Society, an organisation that for over 170 years has had priesthood at its heart. So please do make full use of this site, don’t dismiss out of hand the possibility that it may be you, and be assured of our practical and prayerful support that is here for you at every stage of the journey.

Fr Darren


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